A letter from Pieter Director Dorothy

Dear Pieter Community,

For those of you I haven’t met at our former studio in Lincoln Heights or in a zoom room, my name is Dorothy Dubrule and I have been on staff at Pieter since 2016. I’ve seen Pieter take many forms in that time, and I have witnessed its shapeshifting take on considerable resilience since March 2020. I cannot overstate how proud I am of the organization that Pieter is today, and the directions in which it continues to expand. I am writing to share that we will begin accepting applications to fill my role at Pieter in November, with the intention of a transition of stewardship taking place from January through March of 2022.


With this winter marking five years that I have been in the director position, Pieter and I are both ready for new chapters. I started working at Pieter as a passionate dancer-person without any experience in non-profit management, marketing, development, or program curation. In my time here, I have not only built these skills (with a great deal of help and encouragement from my fellow staff and peers), but I have also learned how to be accountable to a community for whom Pieter is a lifeline, in a local arts-funding landscape where a dance organization’s survival is against all odds. I have grounded my work in asking how Pieter can become more human at the same time as it grows more akin to an institution, and how we can become more radical at the same time as our strengths as a non-profit formalize. 


At this time in its evolution, the best fit for Pieter’s director is someone who can approach fund development with ingenuity (our great ambitions will require great resources) while holding onto Pieter’s radical roots and its guiding goals of accessibility, transparency and justice. They will be someone who is knowledgeable of non-profit operations, invested in creating opportunities and supportive structures for movement artists in Los Angeles, and someone eager to share the navigation of an evolving organization with a collaborative staff and board. It is also significant that in its 11 year history, Pieter’s leadership position has been held exclusively by white women, in stark contrast to the diversity of the communities we aim to serve. The reality is that we are past due for a more equitable representation of embodied histories, values and ideas in the director role. 


In leaving my staff position at Pieter, I remain a committed advocate for LA’s performance community and will always be a Pieter person. With the support of Pieter’s board and my fellow staff members, Lupe and Miles, whose exceptional capacity is matched by their vision, I have every confidence that Pieter’s future is not only enduring, but radiant.


We will be fundraising throughout the month of October with a focus on sustaining the people who sustain Pieter. All contributions will directly support paying our current and future employees wages that reflect the value of their work to ensure Pieter’s survival and to foster continual growth. Please stay tuned for the job posting to follow in November, and in the meantime, help us spread the word to anyone whose experience and aspirations align with the qualities I have described here. I welcome questions, new ideas, and feedback.


It has been an immeasurable gift to be trusted with this uncontainable thing that we hold close to our hearts and call Pieter. 


Thank you for being in it with me,