Pieter Performance Space is an open platform for the LA dance community to exchange resources and information with each other and the broader dance world
Pieter is a non-profit organization that provides a space for dancers to create a nurturing society. Based on holistic support for all bodies, an open exchange of ideas and a reciprocity of generosity, Pieter is a place to be comfortable in the body-mind-spirit. Through workshops, classes, public performances and residencies, dancers work and play together in a non-hierarchical environment. Ideas are embodied, exchanged and transformed rather than owned. There is a belief in abundance and goodness. There is a belief that everyone has something to give. At Pieter, brave dancing bodies are at home.

Kai Hazelwood


Lupita Limón Corrales

Director of Programs

Genevieve Belleveau

Director of Communications

Jmy James Kidd


Board Of Directors

Janine Lim (Chair)
Christine Suarez (Treasurer)
Kai Hazelwood (Ex-Officio)
Nguyen Nguyen (Vice Chair)
Alexsa Durrans
Allison Wyper
Miranda Wright


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Pieter presents dance and other interdisciplinary performance work by local, national and international artists.


With rotating guest artists, as well as semi-regular classes.


The Pieter’s Dancemakers Grant aims to subvert the discriminatory hierarchical pyramid model of dance in America.


For the first time since closing the studio where Pieter was founded over a decade ago and moving all of our classes, workshops and events online, our partnership with The Box will host a year of new, in-person programming.

Pieter is funded in part by the California Arts Council, the Department of Cultural Affairs, IMTour, the Center for Cultural Innovation, the Los Angeles Creative Economic Development Fund, The Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, the LA Arts Recovery Fund and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

Pieter Council

Abby Crain
Abigail Samson
Adam Linder
Ahrum Hong
Alexa Weir
Alexandra Shilling
Alex Matthews
Alexandria Marcus
Alice Toohey
Alison D’Amato
Allison Wyper
Allison Linamen
Alexsa Dummas
Amanda Bjorn
Amanda Furches
Anna Martine Whitehead
Anuschka Von Oppen
Archie Carey
Arden Plank
Barry Brannum
Ben Evans
Benjamin Johnson
Betty Nguyen
Beth Pickens
Brennan Gerard
Brian Getnick
Brianna Skellie
Busy Gangnes
Carmela Hermann Dietrich
Carol McDowell
Carolyn Riggs
Carrie McILwain
Carson Efird
Cheryl Banks-Smith
Christine Suarez
Dahlia Nayar
Dana Penenberg
Devika Wickremesinghe
Dino Dinco
Doran George
Dorothy Dubrule
Edgar Miramontes
Elisabeth Nails
Emiko Sugiyama
Emily Beattie
Emily Lacy
Elisabeth Wahlander
Eric Geiger
Flora Wiegmann
Edward Garrett
George Lugg
Gustine Fudickar
Harriet Bailey
Harry Weston
Heather Woodbury
Heyward Bracey
James Kidd
Janine Lim
Jennie MaryTai Liu
Jesse Mockrin
Jess Humphrey
Jibz Cameron
Jillian Stein
Jordan Peimer
Jos McKain
Justin Streichman
Kathleen Keogh
Kato Wittich
Kelly Cline
Laura Vitale
Laurel Tentindo
Leslie Seiters
Ligia Manuela Lewis
Loren Fenton
Lorene Bouboushian
Mackenzey Franklin
Madison Page
Margaret Kemp
Margit Galanter
Marina Magalhães
Maya Gingery
Maya Guarantz
Meg Wolfe
Melanie Rios Glaser
Melinda Ring
Milka Djordjevich
Nancy Keystone
Nickels Sunshine
Odeya Nini
Olive Blackburn
Peter Hernandez
Perin Hailey McNelis
Phillip T. Nails
Prumsodun Ok
Rae Shao-Lan Blum
Rashaun Mitchell
Rebeca Hernandez
Rikki Rothenberg
Ryan Kelly
Sammy Loren
Samantha Goodman
Sarah Leddy
Sara Wookey
Shaina Mote
Shayna Keller
Silas Riener
Simone Forti
Stacy Dawson Stearns
Stephanie Zaletel
taisha paggett
Takahiro Yamamoto
Tara Jane ONeil
Terrence Luke Johnson
Tyler Matthew Oyer
Victoria Rose Wolf