Artist Spotlight: Pieter Parking Space

Please join us in welcoming our third Pieter Parking Space Artist-in-Residence: Carlos “Los” Diaz!

Image courtesy of the artist.

Carlos ”Los” Diaz (they/them) was born in San Bernardino, CA and grew up moving between different cities within the Inland Empire. Los began their dance practice at Riverside City College in 2010 and continued their dance studies at California Institute of the Arts for one year, before transferring to San Francisco Art Institute and earning a BFA in New Genres. In 2019 they began pursuing an MFA degree at USC Roski School of Art and Design under the direction of Nao Bustamante.


In their work, Los utilizes performance and the live body as vehicles to materialize an examination of their subjectivity as a brown, non-binary, first generation, working-class queer. Through methodical mis/translations across photo, video, installation, mark-making and performance they transform found objects into tools for complicating a mediation between form and function. Each and every creative endeavor being a failed attempt at digging themselves out of an infinite pit of questions and curiosities. 


Los is the first of four artists selected from our open Pieter Parking Space Residency application. They will be in residence at the The Box parking lot through the middle of January 2022 with a closing performance public program scheduled for January 15, 2022.


Stay tuned for more details soon!