Artist Spotlight: Pieter Parking Space

Please join us in welcoming our fifth Pieter Parking Space Artist-in-Residence: Ryan O’Byrne and their collaborator Camila Camaleón!

Ryan O’Byrne (they/them) is an artist from Buffalo, NY. They have shown work in California at PAM Residencies, DAC Gallery, Highways Performance Space, REDCAT, The Starline Ballroom in Oakland, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, at Drugstore Kansas City and in New York at The Governor’s Island Art Fair, Joe’s Pub, La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club, Baryshnikov Arts Center, Judson Memorial Church, White Columns, Dixon Place, Danspace, Brooklyn Arts Exchange and with AUNTS. They are a graduate of The Juilliard School. 

Camila Camaleón is a paradigm shifter and TransFemme Queer archivist based in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Ángeles. Her spatial exploration centers bridge-building through joy, playfulness, and power which brings 2SLGBTQIA+ to the center.

Her gallery debut in 2021 was powered by @ReachLa Movement Through Cataclysms, a photo exhibition highlighting trans thought and contestación, Black queer intimacy, and Indigenous futurity. Outside of her performance space, Camila is a multi-fascinated writer, consultant, and board President for the SGV LGBTQ+ Center. 

Camila’s artistic desire is to spark change in the landscapes and soundscapes that are beyond this world. Visit to learn more about her badass story!

Residency Intention

Residency #5 will offer myself and my collaborator Camila Camaleón an opportunity to excavate and occupy scenic material from TV and film in which Trans, Non-Binary and/or Queer characters were played by cis and/or het actors.

Through Residency #5we hope to reclaim celluloid spaces which have historically refused to allow Trans, Non-Binary and/or Queer folx to represent themselves. Through conscious exclusionary tactics, the portrayal of Trans, Non-Binary and/or Queer individuals by cis and/or het performers has diminished the efficacy of artistic catharsis and I believe that this project will encourage a reclamation of that important healing process for both performer and spectator. There’s a critical distinction between watching one’s self reflected via a character and one’s identification with the actor portraying the experience. 

Residency #5 will also imagine alternative modes of representation both within the selected material as well as through the creation of new responses to it which celebrate and honor the complicated lives often betrayed by one dimensional portrayals of Trans, Non-Binary and/or Queer subjects in film and television. 

Camila and I are both so grateful and appreciative for this time and support from all the folx at Pieter and The Box Gallery who have graciously made this residency a possibility.