Call for Volunteers: Pieter Community Garden Project

The Pieter Community wants to get a “family” garden plot in the El Sereno Community Garden, where we can collectively cultivate healthy food and beautiful plants together, and we are looking for members of the community to join us in this project!


Step 1: Before we can get on the waitlist for a plot, we as a “family” must complete 10 volunteer hours at the garden. Volunteer hours will take place between 8am-12noon on Saturdays.


Volunteers will be invited to join the Community Garden Working Group, which will decide as a collective what we will plant (once we have our plot), when we will work, and how we will share our harvest.


This Saturday November 21st is Fruit Tree Planting at the garden! 


Are you interested in doing 1+ hours of volunteer work with us at the Garden to kick off the project? If so, email Priyanka Ram at


In your email, please state which Saturdays you are available and how many hours you are able to work. (We would like to complete our volunteer hours by the end of 2020.) Volunteers must bring their own mask, gloves, and water bottle.
Questions? Email