Pieter Community Agreement

This is a living document, which will require regular revisiting, revision and expansion through collective processes.


This document has been authored by members of Pieter’s Justice, Accountability, and Safety (JAS) Club. If you would like to learn more about this committee, please contact pieterpasd@gmail.com


Center the whole self in its full range of emotional being

Pieter is a place to experiment and explore in the body-mind-spirit. This requires a practice of collective care-taking, to ensure that Pieter is a place where everyone’s whole self can share space equitably.


Respect the nuances of self-identification

At Pieter we make space to share our names and terms of self-identification, and expect that those joining us in community will attend to the nuances of how each member would like to be addressed. We understand that self-identification can change over time. When uncertain, do not make assumptions and remember that disclosure of any aspects of one’s identity is not an obligation.


Embrace personal sovereignty

While we are learning communally, we acknowledge that all bodies are autonomous beings with their own unique wisdom, free to make their own decisions and to find their own relationship to the vulnerability, mistakes and challenges which accompany learning. Shared spaces require consent and intentional considerations of safety and comfort for all members.


Reflect on power and privilege

Pieter does not exist in a bubble outside of systemic oppression and structural inequities. To coexist as a community we expect that all members will carefully consider the way that race and privilege shape the way that we interact with one another. Some examples of how these considerations can be reflected are: in a practice of stepping back to create space for those that may be less comfortable taking it, as well as the practice of self-accountability when making a financial contribution on a sliding scale.


Acknowledge the difference between intention and impact

Our impact does not always match our intentions. We are committed to communicating, with consent, rather than assuming our impact, in order to reduce harm in the space between and to work towards repair.


Celebrate multiplicity

While this agreement applies to all Pieter spaces, there are many autonomous communities within Pieter which also may have their own agreements, as well as their own culture and practices. An experience in one Pieter program may not be the same as an experience in another. When uncertain about any program’s particular practices (such as confidentiality), always ask the facilitator(s) rather than assume.



If you have any questions, new ideas or feedback regarding our community agreement, please contact pieterpasd@gmail.com


If you have experienced harm in a Pieter-hosted space, or have any concerns about community safety, please contact pieterpasd@gmail.com and a Pieter staff member or board member will follow-up with you.