Pieter Community Check-In: Agenda Notes for November

What we will be covering in the November 14th Pieter Community Check In


This iteration of Community Check-In we will structure the meeting into smaller breakout rooms for more focused discussion. All participants may choose which group they would like to be a part of. The groups will be facilitated by Pieter Community Members and will cover the following topics:


New Ideas Group, a place to bring to the table new ideas/projects

Facilitated by devika wickremesinghe (devika will also be facilitating the larger group meeting at the beginning and end)


Garden Group, continuing the process of planning for the Pieter Community Garden

Facilitated by Allison Wyper and Nguyen Nguyen


Communication and Community Building, working on structures for communication and inclusivity within the Community Check-In

Facilitated by Sam Wentz, Isabella Pilar and Alexsa Durrans


Reading, Watching, Talking Dance — how might virtual Pieter commune over moving ideas?

Facilitated by Alana Reibstein 


Stay tuned for the launch of the Virtual Bulletin Board!