The Sunland Dancers and Tara Jane ONeil : Gateway
Saturday, Sep 26 2015
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Image by Getty photographer Julie Pham Vu. Friday Night Flights Curated by Lucky Dragons. Dancer Alexa Weir.

The SUNLAND Dancers with Tara Jane ONeil perform Gateway, again, on September 26th, 8:30pm at Pieter.

The SUNLAND Dancers are Busy Gangnes, Jmy James Kidd, Myrrhia Rodriguez, Jil Stein, Lisa Wahlander and Alexa Weir.

This dance, Gateway, on September 26th, dedicates energy generated from dancing and music to Alexa Weir’s birthing process.

Admission is your non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or the FREE boutique. Suggested items include: tea, beer and wine, dance leggings or pants, art/dance books for our library, beers, all types of fruit, dancer snacks, pens, markers, printer paper for the studio.

please park on the street.