AFTERGLOW 3 LA Video Screening Series
Sunday, Oct 4 2015
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Sunday October 4, 8pm
AFTERGLOW 3 LA Video Screening Series

Over the past few years, AFTERGLOW SUMMER SERIES has assembled an odd new canon and constructed an idiosyncratic historical lineage for contemporary video art. One of the series aims has been to investigate corporeality-pressurized-by-digitization, and/or transgression-pressurized-by-irony; another has been to provide viewers and makers with a good time.

Some of the questions that attend our curatorial process include: How can or does humor—including more taboo sorts of humor—parry the grief or anxiety that can attend sustained efforts to confront the brutalities accompanying late capitalism? What are we grieving, and what is the relationship of celebratory, ecstatic making to our struggle, our mourning? What, if anything, characterizes the contemporary use of materiality, the body, and performance in video art, now that the context for this materiality has significantly changed, i.e. now that so much of our sociality is conducted online? What thruline can be drawn between some of the more irreverent, audacious video art of past eras, and work being made today? What are the various energies that flow between power, empowerment, pleasure, precarity, vulgarity, and laughter? How might we recast the whole idea of antagonism as some thing homeopathic, a kind of toxic corpus, a substance or cloud that we swallow, eat, incorporate?

Beer + popcorn + stimulated + sensory overload
Join us for a very special one-night event.
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Artists included in next week’s 2015 LA screening: Craig Roose, David OReily, Dynasty Handbag, Keith Ballard, Brooks Krichmar, Blake Brent, Carlos Diaz Sullivan, Vinny De Ghoulie, Trulee Grace Hall, Ginger Quintanilla, Leidy Churchman, Tameka Norris, Theo Darst, Tonetta, Skip Arnold, Joanna Swan, Andres Machin, Tala Madani, Cauleen Smith, and more…

All artists included during series, 2013, 2014, 2015: Nao Bustamante, Wu Tsang, Katelyn Reeves, Brian Bress, Zackary Drucker and Van Barnes, Andrew Hutton and Cory Hanson, Deville Cohen, Larry Bamburg, Patrick Woody, Matt Savitsky, Cara Elizabeth, Rhys Ernst, Paula Cronan, Tom Dale, Thorsten Fleisch, Camila Romero, Mariah Garnett, Jake Davidson, Antone Konst and John Martin, Jake Jones and Jason Hopkins, Keng Samsiripong, Michael Bell-Smith, Trulee Grace Hall, Phil Davis, James Raymond, Rebecca Rose, Moises Jimenez, Min-Kyung Choi, Erika Vogt, A.L. Steiner, John Sturgeon, Mike Smith, Rollin Hunt, Alexa Loftus, Yung Jake, Spencer Holden, and Amy Sarkisian, Bruce LaBruce, Shana Moulton, Keith Ballard, Laub, Mary Rasmussen, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Yung Jake, Craig Roose, Theo Darst, Tameka Norris, Barbara Hammer, David OReilly, Peggy Ahwesh, Danielle Dean, Blake Brent, Sadie Benning, Kinkey Dolores with text by Audrey Wollen, Patrick Michael Ballard and Michael Richards, Andres Machin, Joanna Swan, Brooks Krichmar, Kerry Tribe, Taralyn Thomas, Von Curtis, Dylan Mira, Alison Peery, Zach Vidal, Brent Weinbach, Tala Madani, Johanna Breiding, Max Winston, Julie Orser, Vinny De Ghoulie, Anna Joy Springer, Chiara Giovando, Mike Richards, Sarah Manuwal, Jacolby Satterwhite, Bennet Perez, Math Bass, Michael Demps, John Pearson, Anna Sew Hoy, Aimee Goguen, Peggy Ahwesh, Harry Dodge, Nayland Blake, Carlos Diaz Sullivan, Ginger Quintanilla, Leidy Churchman, and Dynasty Handbag.

Thank you to all the artists involved this year and past years. Than you to all of our guests. Thank you Pieter Performance Space. Thank you Moises Jimenez for secret illegal downloads+tech support. and Thank you Lauren Davis Fisher for pop corn popper. We are very excited to see you all!!

please park on the street.