An Arrangement in Stages // Series performance in collaboration with Alexsa Durrans
Saturday, Jun 18 2016
8:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Saturday June 18

A fairy tale about a hypochondriac widow, performed in three acts of dance-theatre.

Act 1: A seemingly irreparable hollow

Act 3: A crooked realigning – on respect

Act 2: A fictitious emphatic bounce

In English, there is a definitive past and present tense, but a future tense which prescribes possibility. How can we enact that in the physical space? I was, I am, I will do.

Series is a multiplex thought experiment and situated method for working with clothing objects in performative and conceptually functional ways. Formulated to facilitate process based outputs of work, Series works are released in installments which build upon one another. A Series relates a clothing object to its respective performance, presentation and/or installation work(s). An Arrangement in Stages will be the finale performance to Series 1.

Alexsa Durrans:
Alexsa is a Los Angeles based choreographer and performer.  She has had the pleasure of performing in the works of Michel Kouakou, Lea Anderson and Darrian O’Reilley at UCLA, Highways Performance Space and CalArts RedCat Theatre. This is her second collaborative work with Series. She, too, is a hypochondriac. 

Admission to this show is a non-monetary donation. Suggestions include: party snacks, party drinks like tasty lite summer beers, clothes for FREE Boutique, hard tennis balls for rolling out, dancer snacks for during rehearsal like sugar free nut butters, rice cakes, avocados, oranges, apples.

Please Park on the Street.