Line Death Dance, #2: vortexing
Melanie Maar, feat. Woman Nature Devotional Dance by Jmy James Kidd
Thursday, Sep 28 2017
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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#2: vortexing is being developed as one of several performances that are part of the larger project called Line Death Dance. LDD is an invitation and question into deepening or letting go of linear logic and opposition.
So far this solo is grappling with an object’s mind. Where domination fails a dance space might open. Circular sucking in and spiting out of sound, movement, darkness and perineal impulse
drives a central stillness that might fling out.
This event will open with a performance of Woman Nature Devotional Dance by Jmy James Kidd.
Pieter Artist-in-Residence, Melanie Maar is a New York based dance artist from Vienna Austria. Her work explores performance in relation to reflection, uncertainty and communal phenomena through the intimacy between movement and sound, animalism and humanism, feminism and objectism, resonance and struggle in changing contexts.
She was awarded the 2015 Grant to Artists from The Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Her choreographies have been presented by Danspace Project, Chocolate Factory, Laboratory Arte Alameda Mexico, Impuls Tanz Vienna and Tanzfabrik Berlin.
Her writing has been published at and EU Movement Disorder Journal. Melanie is collaborating with sound artists Christian Schröder, Kenta Nagai and the performance collective Masters of Ceremony. She co-curated 2013 Moving Sounds Festival and The Movement Research Festival 2010. She has performed for and studied with artists like luciana achugar, RoseAnne Spradlin, Janet Panetta, Daria Fain, Walter Dundervill and Luis Lara Malvacias. She works with senior citizens of the Bronx, teaches workshops internationally for dance people, is currently faculty at Movement Research and a recent guest teacher at The New School/Lang College NY.
Photo credit: Christian Schroeder, Pictured: Melanie Maar
Screen shot of Jmy James Kidd in "Jmy's Gonna Dance," June 2017, filmed by Joanne Kim
Screen shot of Jmy James Kidd in "Jmy's Gonna Dance," June 2017, filmed by Joanne Kim
Photo Credit: Melanie Maar