Alison D’Amato: the favorites (1-4)
Monday, Apr 21 2014
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

the favorites is an ongoing investigation into the language score as a vehicle for dismantling originals, staging imperfect copies, and paying homage. Post-show discussion with Megan Metcalf.

scores and choreographic direction by alison d’amato

movement invention and performance by:
barry brannum
dorothy dubrule
loren fenton
gwyneth shanks
milka djordjevich
sarah leddy
jil stein
alexx shilling

Admission is your non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or the FREE boutique. Suggested items include: tequila, almonds, limes, white wine, pie, extra scissors, a chopping or serrated kitchen knife, mulch, a candle, and some citrus fruits. Please park on the street.