Alison D’Amato, The Favorites (1-4) **AT THE HAMMER MUSEUM**
Saturday, Aug 30 2014
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

*** This event is NOT AT PIETER!! It will happen on James Kidd’s Gold Stage at the Hammer**

Alison D’Amato
The Favorites (1-4)

The Favorites is an ongoing investigation into the language score as a vehicle for dismantling originals, staging imperfect copies, and paying homage.

Open rehearsals:
August 23, 2-5pm
August 29, 1-3pm
August 30, 3-4pm

August 30, 4pm

Scores and Choreographic Direction by Alison D’Amato
Movement Invention and Performance by:
Barry Brannum
Dorothy Dubrule
Loren Fenton
Gwyneth Shanks
Jil Stein
Alexx Shilling
Alison D’Amato

For more information on The Favorites and other projects, please see