All Dads are Bastards. ADAB. // Witch Dance
Monday, Oct 7 2013
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

by Olive Blackburn in collaboration with Elizabeth McSurdy and Brianna Skellie. Music by Sebastian Chafe. Outfits made by James Kidd.

We are interested in: ritualz, asceticism, ladies of the night, groove moves, the elements, vagina vortexes, sex work/ dance work, gravity and levity, what is good to tear apart what is good to burn what is good to eat what is good to wash off.

Olive is a doctoral candidate at ucla, writing a dissertation on historical materialism, feminism, and dance studies. She is a member of SALTA and the Sunland Dancers.

Elizabeth McSurdy is a dance punk, teacher, theatrical designer, and farmer. She shows work in museums, galleries, theaters, living spaces and on the occasional sidewalk. She lives in both Oakland, CA and Boise, ID

Brianna Skellie is a first year mfa student at UC Riverside  in the experimental choreography program. Originally from Hawaii, she has been choreographing and dancing in Oakland for the past 4 years. Brianna is also a part of salta Dance collective.