Archie Carey & Odeya Nini: A Solo Voice
Saturday, Jul 23 2011
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Odeya Nini is an LA based composer/ vocalist/ experimentator/ performance artist. Her work employs textural harmony, extended techniques, movement and spacial alterations in an attempt to create emotional, pensive and atmospheric sonic experiences. Originally from NY, she has written for theater, film, dance, and collaborated with a range of artists in various constructs.

A Solo Voice explores the extent of the voice as an organ of both the physical and metaphysical, bending its inherent attributes into new shapes and uncharacteristic behaviors. Through movement, interaction and diverse expression, the range and ritual of performance are redefined in an altered sense of space, offering a different perspective and muse on singer, sound, and song.

Archie Carey is a musician based in the Los Angeles area who enjoys performing music from baroque to free jazz to folk to noise and everything in between. As a composer Archie aims to magnify sound, pitch, timbre, and environment to make the subtlest details a point of focus, achieved by using minimal pitch content, long durations, and contrasts between extremely high volumes and silence.

In solo work and in collaboration with dance and film he has been experimenting with field recording, analog electronics, aspects of performance art and often times combinations of all three. (usually with a bassoon in at least one hand)