As Consciousness is Hardened into Flesh: A Yoga Practice
Guest Teacher Li Pallas
Sunday, Jan 6 2019
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
$5-15 sliding scale Register

This Class is Open to All Skill Levels, Temperaments, and Bodies





As Consciousness is Hardened into Flesh is a five week drop in sliding scale yoga class for all levels, all genders, all orientations that imagines what a queer-and-transaffirming yoga looks like while positing that yoga, in the truest sense, is already queer. Poses and sequences are intentionally bizarre, taking us out of our routines, and into a more embodied awareness. Sequences are both staged and interpretative, allowing some time for free movement as well as adaptations for the beginner to the advanced practitioner, offering opportunities to integrate physical and emotional knowing of our individual needs, limits, and strengths.