Autonomous Construction // Physical Theatre Workshop for the Curious Actor/Dancer/Performer led by Anthony Nikolchev and Gema Galiana
Saturday, Jan 30 2016
12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Autonomous Construction:
Pure Form Through Action as a Boundary Concept

Physical Theatre Workshop for the curious actor/dancer/performer led by Anthony Nikolchev and Gema Galiana    

This workshop will introduce performers to a disciplined and rigorous approach to the performer’s expression through physical action, listening and presence. Participants will develop tools towards broadening the body’s ability to perceive their performer’s needs, and communicate such without unintentional filters, giving the performer utmost choice in how a need is physically communicated on stage – this is not pantomime, nor tautology. Participants will also develop a self-criticism to always push for greater and more specific physical articulation, and by always exploring, one’s presence will be focused on specific tasks leaving no room for pretense but resulting in honesty on stage. General strength, flexibility, articulation, awareness and dexterity will be tantamount to the conceptual learning. 

The workshop is targeted towards practitioners with an interest and experience in acting or dance. It’s open both for professional and studying actors and dancers. This challenge requires serious focus and precision from all engaged in the work. It is open to those who are willing to search in less common fields of physical expression.    

***The workshop intensive will be over 9 hours, one weekend, in three 3hr sessions ***
Saturday, January 30: 12-3pm & 5-8pm 
Sunday, Jan 31: 3-6pm

The cost for the 9-hour intensive is
$150/person; $120/with valid student ID
There is an 8 participant maximum.

Due to limited space, please email CV and brief letter of motivation to be considered for participation to:


About the Instructors

Anthony Nikolchev is an actor, writer and creator of theater and film, as well as an adjunct professor of Movement at CalArts’ School of Theater. His work in theater and original solo performance has been seen in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City as well as internationally in London, Newcastle, Moscow, Warsaw, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Armenia, Spain, and extensively in Wroclaw, Poland where he performed and trained with the Studio Matejka Physical Theater Laboratory at the Grotowski Institute for three years, in addition to touring his own solo performances, writing and directing. He was a collegiate athlete, before fully committing to a life in performing, thus he has never separated the value of performance from the preparedness of the physical body. His physical training spans firsthand training from Matej Matejka (Teatr ZAR) and Vivien Wood (Royal Ballet England, Michael Clark, DV8). He has led physical training at The California Institute for the Arts, the Warsaw Theatre Academy, Dance City (UK), Wesleyan University (CT) and professional theaters in the US, Spain, Slovakia and Poland. Anthony is a co-artistic director, with Gema Galiana, of The Theatre of No Theoretical Necessity.

Gema Galiana holds a degree in Dramatic Art from the Superior School of Dramatic Arts in Murcia, Spain. She participated in numerous specific workshops for the performer and collaborated as an actress in many theatre and film productions since 2003. Since 2010 she has worked with the Studio Matejka in Poland. Most recently, Gema created the solo performance, “The Woman Decomposed” with direction by Matej Matejka. Gema has also led physical theatre workshops in the Studio Matejka’s and her own training for actors and dancers in the USA (CalArts, The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Wesleyan University CT), Spain (Centro Párraga y Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Murcia), England (Dance City), Warsaw (National Theatre Academy), Slovakia (Zahrada Centrum). In 2013, she collaborated as a performer on Vivien Wood’s performance, “Exile,” which toured the Northeast UK. Gema returned in 2014 to create and perform “All The Things You Said You Never Said Before You Thought You Could Ever Say,” collaborating again with Vivien Wood and touring England (Newcastle, London), and through Europe. Gema is a co-artistic director of The Theatre of No Theoretical Necessity. 

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