Ballet for Modern Movers
Ellen Davis
Saturday, Aug 31 2019
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
$75 for 5 week series / $23 Weekly Drop-in Rate. If you wish to attend but experience financial hardship, please contact to discuss a reduced rate. Register

Experience flow and soulful expressions and reflections of your beauty through the art and yoga of ballet.




Saturdays, August 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 from 1-3pm



Beginning/Intermediate level classical ballet classes. Ellen is the founder of Yoga of Ballet which is a traditional classical ballet class taught with a yogic approach that can be translated into one’s life and other dance forms. The classes are progressive; in each class more is taught and asked of the dancers. Sometimes improvisational movement is given at the end of class so that dancers can get an experience of their innate creative intelligence, authentic expressive truth and embodying their movement. Getting an experience of that enables them to translate it into the rest of their work. 



Ellen uses the teaching of dance as a way of evoking self-acceptance, beauty, balance, grace, a sense of unity and love for the process of learning. She acknowledges and nurtures the “dancer within” in all of her students regardless of body-type, limited self-belief, or level of training.



She believes that along with proper placement and technique, the awakening of expressive truth, musicality and one’s innate creative intelligence are equally important in empowering dancers to use the body as a means of creative self-expression and to extend the grace of dance to all of life. While seeing good technique and the spirit of the movement as an integrated and inseparable whole, she evokes and encourages, right from the beginning levels, the expressive and musical qualities along with the technique.





Former owner-director of Rozann-Zimmerman Ballet Center in Los Angeles, Ellen Davis danced with the Stuttgart Ballet Company (John Cranko, director), and was a Ford Foundation scholarship student at the School of American Ballet in N.Y.C.for several years.
Ellen has taught beginning through professional level ballet locally and internationally for forty years. A choreographer, she has performed, choreographed and improvised works in California, New Mexico, and abroad. She is currently an adjunct faculty member at Pasadena City College. Along with teaching ballet and Living Yoga, she enjoys photography, is archivist and manager of the estate of the late artist (and her mother) Channa Horwitz, and is working on a book of essays called Living Eternity in Time. 


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Photo Credit: Rossana Magri