basement sounds:: playful. erotic. lover —of liquid gold
Alea Olivas
Saturday, Jan 4 2020
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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basement sounds// playful. erotic.  lover. is a place I will go to listen to the barking dogs and angels’ trumpets living deep in the shadows of my nostalgia. 



For the last several months I have been working on seven different character analysis’—the most developed being the dom, the clown, and the magician. In my first planned solo piece, I will be joined by these characters who interact, and assist me in understanding who I am, and who I am not.



Through accessing memory, senses, and emotions from places not exactly lived here and now, I hope to allow myself the release of breaking apart. Always to be put together again with material of liquid gold. 




alea olivas is a multi-medium artists with many-many notes-folders, unopened self-sent voice memos, and a deep appreciation for using a cigarito to measure time.


after receiving her BA in Film and Media Studies from UCSB and failing out of her writing minor in 2016, she traveled through the mountain west until it was time to come home. Upon returning to Los Angeles, she completed a summer dance intensive with company Contra-Tiempo and continues an internship with Pieter Performance Space.


Currently, she is putting together her portfolio for a post-graduate degree at SciArc in Fiction and Entertainment, with hopes of gaining knowledge in, and melting together her own worlds of myth, fantasy, and escapism with science, technology, and human nature.

Image by Alea Olivas