Basic Woodworking
Sarah Lyon
Sunday, Mar 5 2017
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Cost $20 (Weekend bundle: attend both Basic Auto Care and Basic Woodworking for $35) Register

Would you like to learn how to build something out of wood? This workshop is for anyone interested in building or fixing but has little to no experience using hand tools. We will talk about the different types of tools, materials, and hardware needed for simple projects and how to shop for wood at the hardware store. Projected images and actual tools will be used for reference, and there will be opportunities for questions and participant dialogue throughout. For the hands on part of the workshop, we will learn how to sand, cut, and join wood together, how to choose fasteners for hanging, and methods of repairing. As a culminating project, we will work together to build a bench for the community at Pieter.


Artist, freelance photographer and part-time auto mechanic, Sarah Lyon has had a passion for understanding how things work from a young age. She learned woodworking basics in her early 20’s as the youngest and only female carpenter at a custom cabinet shop in Louisville, then expanded her knowledge working as an art installer and home renovator. Her creative endeavors include several solo cross-country motorcycle trips photographing women mechanics working in their shops, and creating a cast bronze sculpture out of her old motorcycle boots. Sarah’s artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally, receiving support from the Kentucky Foundation for Women, ArtPlace America, and Creative Capital. As an educator, she has enjoyed teaching black and white darkroom photography at the university level. Sarah began teaching mechanics workshops in 2015, first to young women from the YouthBuild Program in Louisville on motorcycle maintenance and the basics of the combustion engine. Sarah works out of Louisville, Kentucky and Joshua Tree, California.

Photo Credit: Sarah Lyon