Ben Evans: A “Shared” Evening
Saturday, Nov 19 2011
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

At Once
choreography by Deborah Hay
adapted and performed by Ben Evans

followed by

Glorious Hole
a new solo by Ben Evans

Pieter Artist-in-Residence Ben Evans presents a “shared” evening:

At Once is a solo adapted from a choreography by American dancer Deborah Hay. Following an intensive transmission of the “score” and practice of Ms. Hay in 2009, Ben spent three months practicing and adapting the solo daily, culminating in a dance which questions authorship, dance practice and the very act of performing.

Glorious Hole is a new solo Ben has started developing at Pieter, where it will be performed for the first time. Lost figures are found, and lost again; a flamboyant surfer makes an appearance; memories are lived out and forgotten. A lone performer struggles with glory.

Ben Evans is a performance-maker based in Paris, and is currently the artist-in-residence at Pieter in Lincoln Heights. He has worked and studied alongside Goat Island, Anne Bogart and the SITI Company, Mary Overlie, Deborah Hay, Meg Stuart, Keith Hennessy, Jennifer Lacey…and his work and collaborations (with the Los Angeles-based madhause and others) have been seen in Los Angeles, Boulder, New York, Paris, Athens, Berlin and Kerala (India). He graduated from Yale College in 2005 and is currently a PhD candidate in philosophy and choreography at the University of Paris VIII.