Barry Brannum
Saturday, Apr 6 2019
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD was born sometime in the days after disco. It’s an attempt to funnel early house music’s bodily impact into the present. I can feel the music / taking control / all over my body / it won’t let go.




Using movement as a form of deep listening, we want to find a way past the veneer of nostalgia or ‘outdatedness.’ We want this old music to find new life, more life, in our sweating, shouting, gliding, and silence — y’know the way we used to do it — Everybody was freakin’ —



concept by Barry Brannum



choreography and performance by Barry Brannum, Harvey Peralta, and Gracie Winston





Barry Brannum is a dance artist and writer. He uses his pedagogical, artistic, and scholarly practices to explore how politics lives in the overwhelm of embodied sensation. Barry has performed with several artists during his time in LA—including Dorothy Dubrule, Lionel Popkin, Randy Reyes, Eliott Reed, Kristianne Salcines, Alexx Shilling, and Kevin Williamson—and is sure to perform with many more. He also appeared as a guest artist with Cullberg Ballet as part of Deborah Hay’s Figure a Sea, and will participate in the LA iteration of the Merce Cunningham Trusts’s Night of 100 Solos in April 2019. Barry has shown his own choreography at Pieter, The Electric Lodge, and Highways Performance Space (among other venues). 



Harvey Peralta was born in Los Angeles. Both during and after his time in UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures / Dance (from which he graduated in 2016), he’s danced with several locally, nationally, and internationally renowned choreographers. He’s appeared in several music videos and serves as a movement consultant for a number of major touring pop acts. His creative work questions the boundaries between dance, the everyday, memory, politics, and popular culture. To that end, he holds licenses in twenty-two bodywork practices; was a lead stunt and fight coordinator in all of the Spider-Man films; and is a five-time National Crochet Alliance title holder. Bitter Passages, his three-volume novel based on the history of the cacao trade, will hit bookshelves this winter.



Gracie is somewhere around a 4.5th generation American from a line of people who were Eastern European, Jewish, Episcopalian, Irish, politically conservative, professors, doctors, working class, upper class, suffragettes, feminists and one orphan who became an important matriarch. Her dad’s family name used to be Weinstein before they changed it to Winston at Ellis Island. Recently inspired by performance artist Ni’Ja Whitson, Gracie’s performance curiosities have to do with uncovering the oral history and emotional information that is available to her about her ancestry by attending more funerals, asking more questions and going home more. In dealing with the present, she is curious about intuitive eating, fucking and tweeting. She is a dancer and performer with a BA in Dance from UCLA. She now teaches yoga to seniors and their staff at a retirement community and also is a merchandise operations leader at Petco. She lives with her 2 beloved cats, Jasper and Rainy, and she spends a good amount of time on Fetlife and Tinder.

Photo Credit: Ella Gabriel