Friday, May 13 2011
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Crystal Goldmind, Zip Shark, j. Dellecave, July Oskar Cole

BLOWHOLE is a series of provocative written, spoken, and danced correspondence between Crystal Goldmind and Zip Shark—choreographer J. Dellecave’s and writer July Oskar Cole’s scandalous, lascivious alter egos. Part epistolary, part dance performance, part poetry reading, and fully queer—BLOWHOLE viscerally scrambles epic fantasy narratives through high-energy sweaty repetitive movement; the aural pleasures of exaggerated breath; obscure pop songs and a somewhat thwarted collaboration; and things you do in your room with the door closed. Moments to get excited about include variations on humping, a crooning lovelorn mermaid (covering Jacques Brel), lots of panties, the white faux fur rug, postcards to the audience, and an ocean of piss.

J. Dellecave: As a child of small town dance schools, collegiate trained modern dancer, twenty-something of the queerbo cabaret revival, thirty-something of the downtown NYC dance scene—J. Dellecave has been passionately creating, performing, studying, and producing experimental performance since choreographing jungle gym routines to Olivia Newton John (a long, long time ago). As a displaced Brooklynite plunked down in the weirdness of Southern California sprawl, J.’s choreography explores fantasy and science fiction environs through non-linear narrative, exaggerated breath, distorted sound, hyper-femininity, and high-energy repetitive physical movement. J. is a second year PhD student in Critical Dance Studies at UC Riverside and a Jacob K. Javits Fellow.

BLOWHOLE is the third major collaboration between J. Dellecave and July Oskar Cole. July Oskar and J. first met painting houses in Philadelphia in 1999. For the last decade-plus they have consulted and volunteered for one another’s projects including the Water Underground Tour, P Power Performance Project and I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours: West Coast Tour. Their first formal collaboration commenced in June 2007, with the one-act play about salmon migration, The Gold Fish, or, Straight Flushes for the Manifestly Destined, followed by Hair-O-Win (2008), an outdoor piercing performance installation at Le Petit Versailles Garden in New York City.

image by Takahiro Yamamoto, from showing at Pieter