Bodies are Infinite, curated by Stacy Dawson Stearns
Gregory Barnett // Moving through Hysterics
Monday, Oct 2 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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The Bodies are Infinite Monday Morning Class series exists to offer diverse physical experiences that encourage growth, exploration, and healing to all bodyminds!
Oct 2, 9, and 16: Gregory Barnett
// Moving through Hysterics
We will view our limbs as powerful tools capable of opening roads and fighting the good fights. We will consider emotional overwhelm an untapped power well. We will obsess on the intricacies of both our physical anatomies and emotional logics. We will understand choreography as a series of promises. We may high kick. We will think and we will move.
Gregory Barnet creates signs, altars, and dances and believes he is better for it. His choreography works with duration, repetition, and mimetic movement in an effort to pinpoint the juncture between lineage (memory) and prayer (desire) where potential alchemic growth is at its most potent, with the belief that whatever is created in the microcosm of a body or space floods into a larger macrocosm, for better or worse.
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Photo credit: James Mountford