Bodies are Infinite, curated by Stacy Dawson Stearns
Stacy Dawson Stearns //MOVING THINKING
Monday, Dec 11 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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The Bodies are Infinite Monday Morning Class series exists to offer diverse physical experiences that encourage growth, exploration, and healing to all bodyminds!
Dec 11 and 18: Stacy Dawson Stearns


In Moving Thinking we will generate original movement patterns and sequences, so come on out if you want/need to create and would like someone to prompt you to do it with care. We will use Ideokinesis Toys in warmup, including the beloved Soma Bag of Olde and even Uncle Buddy’s Revenge!. We will use tactile sensory imagery to open the bodymind to MOVING THINKING, which is really just a fancy way of letting movement be thinking, rather than being a diminished result of thinking. Come celebrate with Stacy as she emerges from her early, temporary retirement like a Phoenix from the flames- off the hook and freer than ever!


Stacy Dawson Stearns is a Bessie Award winning (2000) interdisciplinary performer and creator known for her original work as well as her collaborative work with Big Dance Theater, David Neumann, Hal Hartley, Ken Nintzel, and Blacklips Performance Cult. She teaches movement in the BFA and MFA performance programs in the School of Theater at California Institute of the Arts. Recent activity: Stacy took her newest work, LOVE GASOLINE! to the Edinburgh Fringe this August with CAFT (Calarts Festival Theater program and co-facilitated Sundays with Simone and Friends, an ongoing drop-in workshop with Simone Forti and Marbles Jumbo Radio at We Live In Space. She is currently writing and drawing a manual for the hybridized floor barre technique she has been teaching to her beautiful students at CalArts for the past decade!


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Image Credit: Rehearsal still courtesy of the artist