body out of time
Rose Carr, Sara Suarez, Sid Benjamin Bekey and Emma Ben Ayoun
Saturday, Feb 16 2019
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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A performance installation with generative soundscapes and rhythms, film/video projections, and unexpected shapes.





We offer ourselves to recombine, regenerate, and renew.



A collaboration between Pieter interns current and past!





Rose Carr is a multimedia artist interested in the connection of seeing and feeling. She has a BA in experimental filmmaking and somatic studies from Hampshire College and strives to bridge the gap between consuming and embodying art. She works predominantly in Super 8mm film, found textile sculpture, and stop-motion animation. She invites the viewer to place themselves in the bodies that they are serving witness to in her pieces, kinesthetically empathizing with the movers as a gentle reminder to revere the power of movement as a tool to exercise and stretch one’s identity and body-relation to environment.



Sara Suarez is a filmmaker & sound artist in Los Angeles. She makes documentary and experimental films that study American history, spirituality, and our environment, using analog film, field recordings, dance-based expression, and psychoacoustics. Her most recent short film, Watermarks, studies how confederate monuments conceal invisible histories in the Virginia landscape. She aims to explore the boundaries of knowledge and documentary and illustrate the invisible of our world.



Sid Benjamin Bekey is a movement-based performance artist using personal vulnerability and intermediary objects to bridge the discrepancy in experience between performer and spectator. His practice and process involves intuitive movement-making, abject object-making, automatic writing, bad jokes, and bad drag. He is a member of the durational performance collective Encounter founded by Mariel Carranza. Originally from the San Gabriel Valley, he holds a BA (2013) from the University of California, Riverside. He lives in Los Angeles.



Emma Ben Ayoun is a student and writer living in Los Angeles. She is currently pursuing a PhD in cinema studies with a focus on the aesthetics and narratives of disease and disability. She is interested in disruption, sensation, and disorientation as ways of thinking, seeing, writing, and teaching.


Photo Credit: Rose Carr
Pictured: Sid Benjamin Bekey
Photo Credit: Sara Suarez