Borderline Flamenco, an experience for all
Paola Escobar
Saturday, Jun 9 2018
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
$20 Register
This workshop is a 3 hour flamenco experience developed by Paola Escobar to welcome newcomers as well as flamenco lovers to the Andalusian form within an innovative approach to flamenco learning.


The class facilities access to the complexities of the form while it focuses in the exploration of the essential flamenco structures, body organization, emotional tones and movement dynamics (rather than in the intricacies of the technique). In addition, this inclusive method encourages the participants to bring their own movement backgrounds into the room as an entry point from where to assimilate and interact within the flamenco codes. In alignment with the tradition, the class has strong rhythmic and movement components, and it uses improvisation as a fundamental tool for developing an understanding of the flamenco spirit.


Paola Escobar is a Colombian artist who creates transcultural work that combines her Latin-American background with her personal interest in the flamenco tradition, African and LatinAmerican culture, and contemporary art. Escobar’s work reflects on memory and cultural identity, and deals with current issues of immigration, hierarchies of power, and cultural perception. Her work organically crosses formal boundaries that traditionally separate disciplines and styles, presenting a holistic perspective of the body that is able to move, speak, and produce sound. Escobar often uses eclectic movements in her choreography, juxtaposing flamenco and postmodern dance vocabularies. Escobar’s work happens in black boxes, site specific locations and galleries.
Escobar has toured and performed in Festivals in France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Brazil and Colombia as a company member of L’explose Danza Contemporanea and 34% Visibles Afro Contemporary Project. In 2005, Escobar received the Colombian National Award for her piece Flamenco 24 Horas. Since relocating to Florida in 2005 Escobar has worked as an independent artist for the local companies Bailes Ferrer, Siempre Flamenco, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa and the mixed-ability theater group Antiheroes. In 2015 Escobar’s film La Intrusa, was selected for Miami Screen Dance 2015.
Escobar’s more recent choreographic works include Vio.graphy, The Cabuya Project, Red Dots-Black Holes, Port Capa, Point Fuga (2017), A House in the Air, Patillal, Portrait of Mother and Child, Shadow of my Shadow (2016), Abandoned Tracks, One, and La Princesa Aoi (2015).

Escobar obtained an MFA in Dance Choreography at CalArts in 2017, and her BFA in Dance (Summa cum Laude) at the University of Florida, 2012.

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Photo Credit: Tom Tracy, Pictured: Paola Escobar
Photo Credit: Ian Ibbetson, Pictured: Paola Escobar