Brian Getnick: The Ballet
Friday, Apr 23 2010
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Brian Getnick presents:


In three darkly funny performances a professor insists that the intricate creatures around him are metaphors for his past mistakes. He soon realizes that their terrifying appetites are beyond his control. Featuring the fantastic costumes of THE BALLET performance troupe. Live musical accompaniment throughout.


Ray Santiago the Professor
Alice Cunt the Gourd Officer, Death, Mr. Personality
Justo Leon the Dead Twin, The Minor Chord
Jmy Leary the Fauxn, Transgression
Maya Gingery Musician
Brian Getnick Musician

SATURDAY GUEST PERFORMANCES by Pash(ly) and Elijah Crampton of e&e!

I’LL TEACH YOU A LESSON is the third installment of WE ARE THE ARENA, an ongoing performance project which uses theatrical satire as a way of framing subconscious desires. These desires are embodied in the sculptural costumes of THE BALLET performance troupe. Other performances by THE BALLET include: Honestas et Diligentia at The Silver Platter, Summoning Mistakes at Phyllis Stein Gallery, The Adored Young Man at Highways, and Introducing Mr. Personality at LACE