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Butoh – A Somatic Workshop with Maya Gingery
Sunday, May 10 2015
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Butoh – A Somatic Workshop

10:30 – 12:30pm

$15 / single class

 Since 1959, when Hijikata electrified the Tokyo art world with his first butoh performance, Butoh has attracted artists and audiences and influenced performance practice around the world. Butoh is a radical form of performance which investigates the human condition, nature and our relationship to the environment.  Through rigorous training of the body, mind, and senses, the practitioner gains greater insight and understanding of the body, the self and personal identity, while imagination work becomes the doorway to a freedom of expression not easily found in more traditional body-based disciplines. 
Maya Gingery is an LA-based dance artist, choreographer and arts educator who has been investigating butoh since 1989. After training in the traditional performing arts, she spent 10 years in Japan, studying butoh with Kazuo Ohno, Min Tanaka, Akiko Motofuji and other well-known butoh artists. She is also a student of noh theatre and a member of Theatre Nohgaku,a touring company directed by noh scholar Richard Emmert. Her choreography and performance works have been presented at numerous venues, galleries, homes and urban and natural sites in the US and Japan.
photos by Lisa Wahlander

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