By the Grace of Osun
Robyn Nisbet
Saturday, Aug 5 2017
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
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By the Grace of Osun:
A photographic series by Robyn Nisbet
Featuring Tau, a durational performance with
Tiffany Caldas, Tula B. Strong, Robyn Nisbet and Avila Santo
Note that there is a 50 person at a time limit in the space.
Please bring a snack or beverage to share
Robyn Nisbet is a dancer, writer, filmmaker, and photographer. Robyn is also a practitioner of Ifa, a West African spiritual tradition. Introduced to this practice through Afro-Brazilian dance, which has its roots in West African Orisá (deity) devotion, Robyn continues to investigate what it means to be in synergy with energies driven by rhythm, spirit, and community.
Robyn’s performance work has been deeply influenced by personal studies with post-Butoh based artists, Dana and Shinichi Iova-Koga. The work emphasizes complete presence of the body in relationship to time, space, and the environment. Robyn is also inspired by her experiences dancing in Senegal and France, where she has studied the circle through hip hop and West African traditional dance forms. For Robyn the circle teaches the importance of being seen as an individual as well as witnessing the individual from the collective perspective.
Currently Robyn is investigating the idea of “self-portrait” in her photography, film work, and movement practices.
Tiffany Caldas is a classically trained dancer, visual artist, social worker and social entrepreneur. Tiffany finds inspiration from her African, Taino, Italian, Dominican, Colombian and American ancestral history. Her artwork focuses on improvisation, natural mediums, exploring the psyche and celebrating the cycle of life and death. She is currently working to launch Empactify, a social benefit organization dedicated to invigorating generations of change creators by building bridges between people of different backgrounds and ideologies. Empactify works to bring mindful cross cultural dialogue skills to companies, colleges, and communities.
Tula B. Strong is a dance artist based out of Los Angeles. She is a M.F.A candidate in Dance at UCLA, and works across the United States as a freelance dancer, choreographer, and movement educator. Through her practice as an artist and educator, Tula promotes dance and choreography as a means to process life and facilitate holistic wellness. Her performances address the lived realities of diverse populations, the working-poor, and the underserved. Tula has completed her Masters in Education with a specialization in dance from Loyola Marymount University, and has received her Bachelors in Comparative Literature with a certificate in dance from Princeton University.
Avila Santo is a professional musician, composer, producer, and educator based in Los Angeles, California. He is a Graduate from Berklee College of Music which included studies abroad in Valencia, Spain. Avila’s unique “Afro Future” style is rooted in traditional African drumming, candomblé, samba, and the blues, to name a few.  His portfolio of music catalyzes an alternative blend of Hip Hop, Jazz, Electronic and Afro-Latin. In 2016, he was recognized by the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs with Artist in Residence grant.
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Photo Credit: Robyn Nisbet, Pictured: Omi