Byoul with Groovy Dancers
DaEun Jung, as part of the Monday Night Class Series
Saturday, Dec 21 2019
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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DaEun Jung’s Groovy Dancers Monday Night Class series concludes in DaEun’s solo performance–Byoul–and a group piece with MNC class participants! 




Byoul is a solo performance culminating DaEun’s last five years of movement practice in LA that deals with her trained dance form, compositional methods in dance making, and spontaneous bodies. This work has been in inseparable collaboration with Melody Shim, a pansori singer and vocalist.



Byoul challenges conventional systems, formality of modern Korean dance, and pigeonholed identity of culturally-embedded art forms, questioning what it means to build handcrafted systems to artists in institutional society and how the body and intelligence respond to the rules and rigor of the system while flow and impulses are redefined.



This project has been supported by in-progress showings and residency/laboratory programs at Highways Performance Space, REDCAT, We Live in Space, Pieter, and Los Angeles Performance Practice in LA as well as Movement Research at the Judson Church in New York and Forward Dialogues at Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography in Tallahassee.



The event will include a final presentation from the participants of Monday Night Class, Groovy Dancers. The class is open to have new performers until the last week!




DaEun Jung is a dancer-choreographer whose work reveals her past and present body memories. She has been awarded artist-in-residencies from Los Angeles Dance Project, Santa Monica Cultural Affairs at Camera Obscura Art Lab, Los Angeles Performance Practice at Automata, and Dance Resource Center at KYCC Menlo Center, and Show Box LA at We Live in Space. Jung’s works have been presented at Electric Lodge, Highways, The Mortuary, Pieter, REDCAT, and Movement Research at Judson Church. Jung redefines the principle, form, and structure of Korean dance in inter/multi-cultural settings as a continuation of her graduate study at UCLA where she received her MFA in choreography and Westfield Emerging Artist Award. She has worked with award-winning choreographers and artistic directors such as Victoria Marks, Milka Djordjevich, Oguri & Roxanne Steinberg, Yuval Sharon, Ros Warby, Wilfried Souly, Jeanine Durning, Shahar Biniamini, and Melinda Ring.


DaEun’s solo dance in collaboration with experimental theater director Alexander Gedeon and organist Christoph Bull opened the TEDxUCLA 2019 and she performed in John Cage’s Europeras 1 & 2 with LA Phil as a dancer in 2018. Previously, she performed in Asia, Russia, Europe, and North America as a dancer of GPDC, a dance organization renowned for its traditional and contemporary Korean dance repertoire and also performed as the main actress of Tokebi Storm, a rhythmic physical theater group, presenting Korean-style drumming and dance in more than 1,000 shows to the worldwide audiences. Having six years of specialized training in dance through the National Gugak (traditional music and dance) Middle and High School as a recipient of the National Theatre of Korea Award, she obtained a BA in dance and minor in Korean Literature from Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea.

Image Credit: Miles Brenninkmeijer
Image Credit: Miles Brenninkmeijer
Photo Credit: Chris Cameron
Photo Credit: Jessica Juachon