Cid Pearlman // Economies of Effort: 1
Monday, Mar 9 2015
8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Monday, March 9 // 8:30 pm

Cid Pearlman // Economies of Effort: 1

“Economies of Effort: 1” is an evening-length dance exploring the virtues of self-reliance and the creative impulse. Choreographed by Cid Pearlman,  “Economies of Effort: 1” will have its Los Angeles premiere on March 9th, 8:30pm, at Pieter Performance Space.

Performed in the round, “Economies of Effort: 1” features a set designed by visual artist Robbie Schoen, music by Bessie Award-winning composer Albert Mathias, and costumes by Rose Sellery. “EoE: 1” is an intimate and experimental work that asks questions about personal autonomy and the value of time and effort. The set begins as a box – part Ikea, part Home Depot, part museum installation – out of which the dancers build their own world.

The piece is fundamentally about what it means to be a maker, and choreographer Cid Pearlman is particularly interested in the frictions that exist between creating something with bodies(theoretically intangible) and building something that has a solid shape (with the illusion of permanence). In radical acts of self-sufficiency, self- containment, and sustainability, the dancers control all of the technical aspects of the production from the set to the sound and lighting.“Economies of Effort: 1” is created with and performed by Julia Daniel, Collette Kollewe, Claire Melbourne, Cynthia Strauss, and Chelsea Zamora.

Also on the program is the revival of “Drowning Poems” (2011), a trio for three women. Restaged in the round, Drowning Poems draws its imagery from the writings of poets Carrie Powers, Stevie Smith and Emily Dickinson.  Costumes for both works are by award winning visual artist Rose Sellery.

Listen to Cid talk about the performance here

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Cid Pearlman makes dances about real people, and is intensely interested in how we negotiate being together in a complex world. Her choreography has been presented by numerous venues including ODC Theater, Joyce SoHo, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, NOTAFE, the Getty Center, Theatre Artaud and the Museum of Contemporary Art/San Diego. Among other honors she has received a Fulbright Award from the US Department of State, and she has been twice awarded a Djerassi Resident Artist Fellowship. Most recently Pearlman was an artist in residence at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. In spring 2015 Pearlman will spend a month in Estonia creating a new work for a cast of ten dancers, with funding from the US Embassy. Steeped in postpunk aesthetics and known for “capturing the poetic attachment in human bonds” (Oakland Tribune), Cid Pearlman’s work for dance, theater, film and opera unbalances conventional ideas about desire, gender, and our ability to take action in the world. For more information, visit

Admission is your non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or the FREE boutique.  Suggested items include: beer to share, your old button up shirts, potato chips, sneakers, egg rolls, homemade soup, large pots for our growing plants, wicker baskets, books for our new library.  NO $2 CHUCK.