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Clown To Begin With
Sunday, Apr 22 2012
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Gabe McKinney, Tim Reid and Elizabeth Colon Nelson

This workshop introduces the mover, the actor and the curious to the active world of the clown. We will find play in our funny bodies, our emotional states and the wonder of each other as partners and audience. As in everything, we start with a vulnerable presence in the world.

We come more from the world of clown theater than circus clown, and working without noses, we’ll do some solo exercises, then work with each other as audience, and finally do some partner work. The aim of this workshop is to introduce our usual selves to our ridiculous selves: to begin to find one’s own sense of humor and the logic of clown, and to start discovering an eccentric, comedic character in movement and in relationship to others and the world. It is a beginning, to find delight.

All levels are welcome. This workshop is an introduction to clown and physical theater for those who have never been, and a chance for another perspective for those who have. Those with no performance experience are also encouraged. Only curiosity, an open mind, and clothes that you can move in are required.


Gabe received an MFA from the Dell’Arte School of International Theater and has taught clown and physical theater in Chicago, California and Kentucky.

Tim is an ensemble member with the Neo-Futurists in Chicago, where he also studied with a number of clowns.

Elizabeth also got her MFA from Dell’Arte, has taught physical theater in California and Kentucky, and works locally with the Actor’s Gang.

The three are currently developing a show called Eggshell with Soren Olsen.