Meg Foley & Alison D'Amato with guests
Saturday, Aug 17 2019
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
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Communion is a reflection on 10-15 years of shared practice, as well as a very fresh exploration of material generated over the course of the prior week’s workshop. The performance will be born from a collision of approaches to improvisation, and…we don’t know what’s going to happen.




Honoring the materiality of movement and the somatic life of objects + words, the performance begins with the density of objects, relationships, energies, and personal baggage in the room. And we dance – autonomous, tenuous, multi-directional, and particular. 




Meg Foley is a choreographer, performer, mother, and sometimes object maker based in Philadelphia, PA. For the past nine years Foley has been researching improvisational practices and embodiment frames that engage with meaning-making through practiced attention, danced affirmation, bodily expansion, and through relationality and a concern for the action of decision and engagement as form. Currently she is researching/thinking about queer motherhood + blood and bodily fluids, the somatic materiality of words + dancing, and becoming a moving sculpture/fabric rock covered in piles of fabric skins.



Alison D’Amato is a researcher, choreographer, and performer based in Los Angeles since 2010. She is Assistant Professor of Practice at USC’s Kaufman School of Dance, and has also taught dance history, theory and practice at UCLA and CalArts. As a practitioner, her work has long been entwined with her academic research. In particular, she investigates forms of generative and indeterminate notation in order to investigate relationships between choreographic authority, inscription, agency and archival.

Photo Credit: Gema Galiana
Photo Credit: John Emison