Consent: Embodying Your No
Tyby Reddy
Wednesday, Apr 13 2022
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
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This is a series of workshops exploring consent, boundaries, and the word ‘no.’ Many of us are familiar with the ‘no means no’ or ‘anything other than an enthusiastic yes is a no’ rhetoric of consent. I believe this rhetoric can be limiting, and that consent is much more expansive and nuanced than the common discussion around it encourages. My goal for these workshops is to provide a deeper understanding of consent, boundaries, and nonverbal cues as well as help participants ‘feel their no.’


In this class I’ll walk us through the Yes No Maybe Spectrum (created by my friend, and colleague Mia Schachter of Share The Load Inc.) to help us notice the thoughts, bodily feelings, and nonverbal cues that bring us to a yes, no, or maybe, as well as some ways to move from a maybe to making an embodied decision. Consent starts with the self! When we learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us, decision making and being in consent with ourselves becomes easier. My goal for this workshop is to help folks begin to notice what a ‘no’ feels like both when it’s being given and received – and have fun while doing it!


I believe, to be able to accept another person’s no with gratitude, we must find the confidence within ourselves to give a no when we feel it. Many of us are accustomed to explaining away or rationalizing a no into a yes due to self-minimizing tendencies, people-pleasing, and fear of social repercussion. My goal is to help folks learn to notice when they are doing these things, and move us closer to being able to honor our time, energy, and desires and say no when the body asks it of us. ‘No’ is a protection spell, and my hope is to help folks embody this magic.


What participants can expect: This workshop will be in-person. There will be both a teaching segment, and an interactive portion. During the interactive portion, we’ll partner up to do a number of fun roleplay exercises that help us practice giving, receiving, and feeling a ‘no,’ then discuss our experiences following each activity. Some activities will involve light touch (like hugging, tying another person’s shoe etc.). All practice exercises are optional, and while attendees are encouraged to participate, anyone is welcome to opt out of exercises at any point in time. 


COVID guidelines: for the safety of those of us at higher risk, we will be requiring face masks at all our in-person outdoor programming.


Tyby Reddy is a certified trauma-informed embodied consent and boundary educator, play tutor, gender consultant, and desire facilitator living on unceded Tongva Land. His focus is on building both an internal and external praxis of consent and bodily presence to help connect individuals to their inner child, sense of play and desire, and come home to themselves. He utilizes a full tool kit of embodiment and emotional attunement exercises, nonverbal listening practices, and consent and boundary frameworks and practices to help connect individuals to their innermost self and find a space of joy, authenticity, and presence within. 


He is a neurodivergent, chronically-ill, trans-masculine person of color primarily interested in working with other queer and transgender individuals interested in strengthening their connection to their own magic and sense of romance. He has a background in clinical psychology, ecology, and gender studies from a decolonized, trauma-informed, anti-ableist perspective. He is an herbalist, native plant nerd, autist, synesthete, hedonist, goofball, and generally hyper-empathetic weirdo. Ty provides workshops and private sessions. You can contact Ty at

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