Containment and Release // Objectifying the Sentient Body with Doran George
Saturday, Aug 13 2016
11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Saturday August 13, 11am – 2pm 


Sunday August 14, 5pm – 9pm


Containment and Release: Objectifying the Sentient Body

Cost: Sliding scale from $70 – $100.

Bringing together visual art and dance, this workshop is informed by Somatic practices, improvisation, and Performance Art. Participants will explore physical encasement and extrication from light domestic and industrial materials, collectively making some of our bodies into ‘sculpture’ from which the contained person ultimately breaks free. This engaging and powerful practice offers an unfamiliar (for many) window into visual, sensory, interpersonal, and often emotional experiences of physicality and movement. At its essence the work is an improvisatory movement practice through various states of binding and release. There will be opportunities for everyone, if they so desire, to explore encasing and being encased, practices which draw forth very different experiences. Previous participants have talked about the workshop as ritual-like, in ways that take on personal associations. Yet others have responded more to formal dimensions in the work, fascinated by how the body gets defined by, and then exceeds, objectification. The workshop includes Somatic practices conducive to containment, as well as interpersonal and individual exercises to build trust and enable release. We will also practice strategies for being seen (performing) as we move into and out of debilitation.

Participants are not required to engage in all aspects of the work, but it is essential to understand that containment and release entails vulnerability. Workshop participation thus requires a level of responsibility. Please contact me via Pieter PASD if you have any questions about the practice, I enjoy talking about the nature of the work. I have taught this workshop in professional dance and performance contexts, as well as in Higher Education, in Britain, France and Portugal. Spaces are limited, so you are advised to register in advance.

In order to take the workshop, you must register by August 1st, at which time you will be given more information. 

Please email: for Registration

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