Monday, Oct 9 2017
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Continuum is a gentle, restorative, somatic movement practice that focuses on developing internal sensation and awareness. We use breath, sounding and subtle movement to soften our restrictive movement patterns and cultural conditioning so that we can regain access to and revel in our bodies’ innate wisdom, responsiveness, and healing potential. Rather than viewing the body as an object, Continuum explores the body as a living process.
Continuum has been shown to be beneficial for pain, chronic injury and other physical limitations, including groundbreaking work with paralysis, and promotes deep relaxation, wellbeing and a sense of connectedness. Continuum is also employed by artists and movers to dissolve blocks and support creative innovation and improvisation. It has influenced the fields of dance, bodywork, movement therapy, performance, psychotherapy and more.
Open to all levels of experience.

*If you are new to Continuum, please rsvp (text: 424-645-7849) and arrive at 5:45 so that Emma can give you an intro to the work*

Emma Destrubé L.Ac, RSMT/E is a Continuum teacher, licensed acupuncturist, registered somatic movement therapist/educator and artist. She has studied Continuum intensively since her teens, working closely with founder Emilie Conrad in developing therapeutic movement protocols. Emma has a background in dance, acrobatics and circus arts, and currently studies a range of Eastern and Western somatic meditation practices. She teaches weekly classes as well as workshops exploring somatics in performance and body-sourced creative writing/artmaking. As a holistic health care practitioner, she offers acupuncture, herbalism, tui na and nutritional counseling in private practice. Emma approaches her work with the belief that change is always possible, and that given the right context, support, and nourishment, every body has the potential to thrive.
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Photo Credit: Katy Slany, Pictured: Emma Destrubé