COWBOY, a class for witches and clowns with Brian Getnick and Dorothy Dubrule
Monday Night Class, curated by Stacy Dawson Stearns
Monday, Oct 22 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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The Monday Morning Class Series, Curated by Stacy Dawson Stearns, has fallen in love with the NIGHT. We changed. We bid adieu to the day. Fall with us into the dark comfort of evening as we continue the ongoing exchange of body-based creative practices led by teaching artists who practice within the phases of consciousness and creation. Nourish your practice and embrace Lunacy. #getheetoclass @MNCPieter







Oct 22 and 29: Cowboy, a class for witches and clowns with Brian Getnick and Dorothy Dubrule




Dorothy Dubrule and Brian Getnick will guide this class through practices developed within their collaborative performance work: COWBOY. Bringing to life personally wrought caricatures of theater and dance, Dubrule and Getnick have created a universe wherein Theater’s blue clown and and Dance’s green witch confront one another. In a series of imagined backdrops and performative situations, the witch and the clown reflect, oppose, subsume and dominate one another. Through play with these caricatures as containers for the many divergent trainings and social archetypes that inhabit their bodies, Dubrule and Getnick assess the contemporary status of disciplinary derivation and modes of meaning-making within a climate of hybridity. The multifaceted nature of the relationship between theater and dance in Los Angeles’s experimental performance community is of particular interest to Dubrule and Getnick as directors of Pieter Performance Space and PAM Residencies, respectively. Their work has developed out of a collaborative studio practice that began in the winter of 2017.



All mindbodies are welcome!













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