a work-in-progress showing curated by Chantal Cherry
Saturday, Nov 17 2018
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
There is no entrance fee, though we ask that you contribute a snack for the reception. Register

Presented by Pieter Performance Space, DANCE ’N SHOW is a work-in-progress showing curated by Chantal Cherry with an informal reception to follow.




The intention of the evening is to create a safe space to share artistic ideas, and for the choreographers to receive engaged feedback from the audience. It is also an opportunity to meet new people and grow artistic community. 




Featured artists include: Jade Charon, Ghislain Grellier, Pearl Marill, Paola Escobar, Gabriel Jimenez, and Chantal Cherry.





Chantal Cherry is a queer South African dance choreographer and performer with a BFA in African Dance from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and an MFA in Choreography from UCLA. Chantal has taken part in such international conferences as Confluences 6 & 7, and Crossings International Artistic Workshop, hosted by the Gordon Institute of the Creative and Performing Arts. She has worked with a wide range of esteemed choreographers, including Vincent Mantsoe (France), Germaine Acogny (Senegal), Christina Towle (France), Hsiao-Mei Ho (Taiwan), Shahar Biniamini (Israel), Jeanine Durning (New York), and Sheetal Gandhi (Los Angeles). Her dance film, A Bigger Bang For Your Buck, screened at the Dance Transmissions Festival in Uganda, as well as the Re-Visioning Dance Festival in South Africa. Another of Chantal’s dance films, 1, 2 ,3, screened at the Echo Park Film Festival and was screened at the Los Angeles Municipal Arts Gallery as part of the Juried Exhibition 2018. The same work was adapted for its stage premiere in April 2018. Chantal’s choreographic research is currently centered around queer identity and its representation in art and media.​ Her latest works will be showcased at Highways Performance Space in April 2019. 



Jade Charon is a choreographer,filmmaker, dancer, teaching artist,designer, and community activist hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2018, Jade graduated from UCLA with her MFA in Choreography and received her BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration of Dance and Theater, from Columbia College Chicago. Awarded the Chuck Davis Emerging Choreographer Fellowship by BAM, Jade has spent time studying and training in dance in Burkina Faso and Senegal. In 2017, inspired by her professional community work, Jade birthed her own non profit company By Jade Charon where she creates arts curriculums, community initiatives, and arts festivals for youth and women of color. The previous year, Jade founded 30:11 by Jade Charon LLC, a leotard and activewear line, designed to support all body types with the hopes of eliminating body shaming. Jade Charon’s interdisciplinary approach to film and live performance investigates the many ways in which art can be used as ministry to uplift and heal all people.



Ghislain Grellier‘s work is the result of a fusion of his knowledge in contemporary dance and ballet. Soon, he decided to work on a dance that is visually esthetic. For the past five years, he has produced five large production shows and has worked with over 40 different types of artists. Interested in images, Ghislain creates works that underline the relation between dance and video. Each of his work is conceived to be performed and filmed. Through his work, Ghislain hopes to open the contemporary dance field to a larger audience.


Paola Escobar is a Colombian artist who creates transcultural work that combines her Latin-American background with her interest in the flamenco tradition, African culture, and contemporary art. Escobar’s work reflects on memory and cultural identity, and deals with current issues of immigration, hierarchies of power, and cultural perception. Her work organically crosses formal boundaries that traditionally separate disciplines and styles, presenting a holistic perspective of the body that is able to move, speak, and produce sound. Escobar often uses eclectic movements in her choreography, juxtaposing flamenco and postmodern dance vocabularies.

Escobar has toured and performed in Festivals in France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, Brazil and Colombia as a company member of L’explose Danza Contemporanea and 34% Visibles Afro Contemporary Project. In 2005, Escobar received the Colombian National Award for her piece Flamenco 24 Horas. Since 2005 Escobar has worked as an independent artist for flamenco companies and the mixed-ability theater group Antiheroes. Escobar’s film La Intrusa, was selected for Miami Screen Dance 2015 and in the FAGELBO film Festival 2018. Escobar’s more recent choreographic works include Nomadic Survival Disorder, a Game of Boundaries (2018), Vio.graphy, The Cabuya Project, Red Dots-Black Holes, Port Capa, Point Fuga (2017). Escobar obtained an MFA in Choreography at CalArts in 2017, and her BFA in Performance at the University of Florida, 2012.


Gabriel Eduardo Jimenez Montes is from Carolina, Puerto Rico, graduated from the MFA Acting program at the California Institute of the Arts 2018 and also has a bachelor degree in Acting from the University of Puerto Rico 2015. Based in LA, Gabriel has performed in the Hollywood Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, and recently was part of an artistic residency at the Grotowski Institute in Poland with The Useless Room of Gema Galiana & Anthony Nickolchev. 

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Pearl Marill is an actress, dancer, and choreographer. Isadora Duncan Dance Award Winner for “Outstanding Achievement in Ensemble Performance 2012,” and  winner of “Shortlived 2016” short play festival, Pearl’s work has been shown at venues and festivals in the Bay Area including ODC Theater, CounterPulse, The Garage, Shotwell Studios, Dance Mission Theater, The Traveling Jewish Theater, ODC’s Pilot program and WestWave Festival. With training in fine arts, sketch comedy, improvisation, and modern dance, Pearl’s interests lie in the intersection of multiple forms. Her research often revolves around subverting the messages of mainstream pop culture through her choreography, story-telling, and dance. In addition to attending the MFA World Arts and Cultures/Dance program at UCLA, Pearl continues to produce monthly dance comedy shows at Pianofight in San Francisco.