DANCE/QUESTION // w/ FRONT members Danielle Ross and Robert Tyree
Saturday, Feb 13 2016
12:00 PM - 3:30 PM

DANCE/QUESTION // w/ FRONT members Danielle Ross and Robert Tyree

Saturday, February 13
12 – 3pm
sliding scale $15 – $25
no rsvp needed

 FRONT is a Portland-based publication dedicated to contemporary dance. FRONT features regional, national and international voices with leading performance practices. To celebrate its most recent incarnation, FRONT members—Justin Flood, Danielle Ross and Robert Tyree—invite all levels of movers, writers, artists and those that are just plain curious to engage in a workshop designed with and inspired by FRONT Ed.

05.Dance/Question is a 3-hour workshop sprung from the format, content and spirit of FRONT Ed.05. In addition to fun movement and writing prompts, participants will be guided through a question-based reformat exercise that Ed. 05’s core contributors used as the basis of their writing for FRONT. This exercise asks that you reformat a period of creative practice past into a series of questions now.

Thanks to Everybodys Toolbox, an online resource primarily active between 2005–2011, whose DEVIATION and FORMATTING TOOL served as a key reference in the development of FRONT Ed.05 and this workshop: “The idea with the formatting tool is that through actually displacing the production of work to a different media one can reach a different understanding of ideas which then again can be re-adapted to the media that one is finally interested in using.” (Everybodys)

We will be exploring dancing and writing, writing and dancing and how these two forms support, reflect and push one another. Ed.05 has the spirit of a toolbox. This workshop will leave participants with a set of tools to use in future creative endeavors.

We will interrogate writing and moving together to generate insight and creative traction. All levels and ranges of experience are invited to this extended engagement with dance publication!

The Dance/Question workshop is followed by performances from FRONT members Robert Tyree and Danielle Ross and past/present contributors Milka Djordjevich (Ed. 04 +05) and Jmy Kidd (Ed. 01).

Thanks to PICA’s Precipice Fund, the Calligram Foundation, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts for funding. We can’t wait to question art with you and put a dance publication in your hands.


FRONT Ed.05 features

Biba Bell

Milka Djordjevich

Jessica Jobaris

Chris Lael Larson

Sara Shelton Mann

Taka Yamamoto

FRONT will also be showing their work 2/13.  More info HERE.

Please Park on the Street.