Decolonizing the Body Through Dance Workshop with Marina Magalhães
Monday, Sep 26 2016
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Decolonizing the Body Through Dance Workshop
with Marina Magalhães

Monday September 26

Pieter Space
420 W. Ave. 33 #10

Wednesday September 21
we live in space
2520 W. Jefferson Blvd.

$12/class | $20/2 classes

“Decolonizing the Body Through Dance” is a movement research spearheaded by Brazilian-born dancer & choreographer, Marina Magalhães, based on the belief that decolonization is a futuristic process of reclaiming and reinventing tradition. It is based on five fundamental principles of African Diasporic dance practices: intimate relationship with the ground, mobile spine, playful improvisation, dynamic (off) balance, and circularity in individual movement and collective participation. Magalhães establishes these principles as core aesthetic values, while valuing each individual dancer’s unique expression and innate ability to embody the principles in creative and generative ways. This iteration of the workshop will consistent of: warm-up (utilizing the Brain Dance methodology by Anne Green Gilbert), across the floor (improvisation & building shared vocabulary), and learning choreography. Some dance experience encouraged, all dance backgrounds welcome.


Marina Osthoff Magalhães is a seasoned dancer, teacher, and award-winning choreographer from Brazil, based in Los Angeles. Hailing from UCLA’s Department of World Arts & Cultures/Dance, Magalhães has performed with Victoria Marks, Maria Bauman, Vera Passos, Viver Brasil, In/Ex Dance Project, Soul Lab Dance Project (which she co-founded in 2010 and co-directed until 2013), and CONTRA-TIEMPO Urban Latin Dance Theater (as a touring company member and Assistant Artistic Director). In 2013 she received the LA Weekly Theater Award for Best Choreography, and in 2014 debuted her critically acclaimed work, (UN)BRIDALED, hailed as “the type of show that keeps concert dance relevant in our lives” by LA Dance Review and most recently set on a Johannesburg-based cast for the Human Rights & Social Justice Theater Festival at Wits University in South Africa. To read more about Marina’s research on dance & decolonization, read her blog post “You Dance Good For A White Girl: Musings on Race, (De)Colonization, and Belonging from a Light-Skinned Latina” and visit her website at


“Decolonizing” Poem
Decolonize the body

Decolonize… the body? The soul? The brain?
Where does it happen?
In a house, in our homes, here in this studio?
Decolonization requires an acknowledgement of colonization.
Can it be done?
Is it radical? Innate? Learned?
It makes me think of different parts of the body.
Exploring each part as a part and seeing all that it does.
But what about the body as a whole?

Things I see
Food, taste, smell
Use food as celebration
Hugging and kissing
Having dinner with others
Where my mother is.
No filter. 
Honesty. Respect. Care.
The dense earth, wet, rich trees.

Like when my uncle would hide matzah
Or when my fiancé makes breakfast, elaborate raspberry pancakes
Rani’s horn, a big deep sound
The smell of a loved one’s skin
I wish I knew more about my dad.
I consistently scour my history through dance
We do that like how trees help each other
I tap into myself.
In my body
Making home in people
But were they gypsies?
They deny and sanitize our history.

 Cuidadora. Cidadã.
Do mundo, del mundo, do mundo, del mundo.
I am nowhere and everywhere at once.
I am born here but live there, never belonged anywhere.
A global dislocation?
Aren’t we all from everywhere?
Some part of ourselves, a string of pearls, one from each ocean, an open opening, wrapping, draping, connecting, adorning, adopting, adapting…




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