Milka Djordjevich / SUNLAND Dancers / Marcos Lutyens
Saturday, Apr 30 2016
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Saturday April 30

Milka Djordjevich / SUNLAND Dancers / Marcos Lutyens


The SUNLAND Dancers perform 100 Steps. Alexa Weir, Elroy Cardenas Weir, Lisa Wahlander, Jil Stein, Perin Hailey McNelis and Jmy Kidd.

Image by Joanne Kim


Milka Djordjevich will share in-progress material of demiANTHEM, a multifaceted dance for Dorothy Dubrule and Devika Wickremesinghe viewed from four sides. The work examines female-identified dancing archetypes alongside genderbending alteregos. Djordjevich questions contemporary dance’s post-Judson era predisposition towards neutrality, authenticity and de-sexualization of the body, by embracing theatricality, virtuosity, sensuality, fashion and sass. The dancers attempt to dismantle the gaze through its reclamation, embracing pluralistic and contradictory ideas of female identity. The quartet’s individual and collective effort creates a dance juxtaposing glamour, failure, empowerment, labor and (in)authenticity.



Homage to
Chris Burden

Marcos Lutyens

Milka Djordjevich
Dorothy Dubrule /  Gustine Fudickar
Justin Streichman / Justin Morrison

Ximena Valero

Time Lapse
Hashim Thomas

Hair & Make up
Georgina Hamed

 The performance is a set of silent, mirrored narratives in very slow motion inspired by the Film Rêve-Noir genre of David Lynch. Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway have important scenes close to the actual location of the house where we are holding this Time Lapsus event. 2 sets of twinned performers move around the space, as a layer in another time, but occupying the same physical same space as the guests. The performance continues at its own pace regardless of what is going on in the party. 

The intention for this was not to be an audience/performer situation, but rather a co-mingling of situations: that of the guests and the performers, each in their own layer of time.Vignettes include:

1) The performance around the dining room table is called ‘Feeding Frenzy’ is with the 2 Justins.

2) ‘Inner Journey’: Starting at the sofas involves the 2 Dorothines picking up  a small toy sail boat off the propeller table and taking it to the swimming pool to start their own journey (homage to Chris Burden).

3) ‘The Jealous Greeting’ is at the entrance with all 4 actants and involves the men coming through the door, the women getting up from their symmetrical chairs.  The women give the men a slow motion slap and then hold hands as they move into the main room.

 Admission to this event is your non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or the FREE boutique. Suggested items include: dancer snacks (apples, jars of nut butter, nuts), nice vacuum for the studio, Macbook pro charging cord, coffee, wine,  gaff tape in any color, pens, markers, printer paper for the studio, tea, art/dance books for our library, beers.

Please Park on the Street

Photo: Joanne Kim, Pictured: Perin McNelis and Jmy James Kidd