Zena Bibler, Emily Jones + Hannah Krafcik
Saturday, Feb 29 2020
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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This evening will feature dances that result from two separate long-term collaborations between Portland-based artists Hannah Krafcik and Emily Jones, and LA-based artists Zena Bibler and Darrian O’Reilly.






Figure of Space: There Must Be More Than Good and Evil
Developed by: Zena Bibler with Darrian O’Reilly


Figure of Space: There Must Be More Than Good and Evil is made of sensory practices that collapse distinctions between real and magic. Riding on the assumption that, even in the most mundane circumstances, there is always more to notice (always more than meets the eye, nose, ear, mouth, skin), the dancers attempt to use their senses to “feel” the space for its possibilities and invitations, rather than its appearance or assumed function. Likewise, they also practice reimagining how they might go about having and knowing a body in its unruly states of transformation and regeneration. These practices sit inside of the well-worn structure of a folktale, which offers blueprints for thinking about the unstable categories of Good and Evil, and the timing, effort, and stakes of transformation.





switch (work-in-progress) 
Danced by: Emily Jones and Hannah Krafcik 
Music by: Mickey Sanchez 


This excerpt of our iterative work, switch, wants to be considered in light of the power dynamics that shaped it, as well as our messy identifications with submissiveness, dominance, aggression and care. 


We are grateful for the generous support received for this work from New Expressive Works Residency Program (Portland, OR), the Sou’wester Artist Residency Program (Longview, WA), Art Klub NOLA (New Orleans, LA), and the Oregon Arts Commission.




LA-based dancers Zena Bibler and Darrian O’Reilly have been collaborating on choreographic and teaching projects since 2017. They take turns in the role of choreographer and have shown resulting performances at HomeLA, Highways Performance Space, High Voltage at Electric Lodge, and NAVEL. For more info about past projects and upcoming events: and 


Portland-based dancers Emily Jones (she/her) and Hannah Krafcik (they/she) began collaborating three years ago in Hannah’s living room. Their work emerges from a multiplicity of life practices, including movement improvisation and forms of care labor. Hannah and Emily are continually refining a shared ethics of making/performing/being together in the context of their intersecting and diverging femme identities and histories. Using improvised scores and movement in contact with one another, they create visceral works that are informed by ongoing questions about power dynamics. For more information about their work: and

Image of Emily Jones and Hannah Krafcik, taken by Intisar Abioto at New Expressive Works
Photo Credit: Drew Mandinach, Pictured: Zena Bibler and Darrian O'Reilly