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Dynasty Handbag: Workshop
Sunday, Nov 20 2011
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Jibz Cameron

This 3-hour workshop will bring you a condensed version of a course I teach in the MFA Performance Studies Department at NYU, called Persona: Performing Yourself. The course is designed to help students create a true (as in yours, only) persona that can serve as an outlet for your creative desires. The exercises involve personal digging, in order to get to the sometimes dirty, sometimes shiny, diamonds of your personal experience.

The workshop will consist of basic principles I use to get the performance out of the brain and onto its feet. We will look at how to navigate outside elements that you may encounter once you are in the world with your work. We will also explore some traditional acting techniques that may be helpful with the general execution of any live performance. There are no requirements except a willingness to explore some dark places in your psyche, and to have some embarrassing fun.


The first half of the workshop will be activity-based. We explore various exercises designed to help you access deep crevasses of your personal experience that can become the driving desire behind a persona. The goal is not to leave the workshop with a developed piece of work, but rather to learn some new ways of accessing material within yourself.

Here are some of the activity titles (without explanations – you can just use your imagination for now):

• All about my mother
• Ultimate fighting machine
• Personal ad for dad
• Heartbreaking singer/songwriter
• I am so sick of m’self


During second half of workshop we will go over some tools I find useful for handling basic logistical issues involved with live performance:

A. Basic principles of performance
• Basic staging techniques.
• Making things work on stage.
• Executing your performance so that is has the most impact (if that is what you want of course).

B. Logistics
• Choosing/accessing a performance venue for your work
• Dealing with technical aspects of a space / lighting / sound / stage / financials…etc.
• Press stuff
• Rehearsal space
• Working with props
• Working with multi-media (video, sound…etc.)

$30 cash or check
no rsvp needed