Eileen Myles and Mark So
Thursday, Jun 2 2011
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Eileen Myles and Mark So

All us queers have joined forces to bring you one UNBELIEVABLE night of very cool musical and literary delight. Because we love each other, and we love you, and we want everyone to hang out with each other and not use gas to zip between venues. The suggested donation, with no one turned away, is $7-10, and this will go to help the out-of-town artists with travel costs + to pay for the space.

Eileen Myles and Mark So are performing two notebook scores they wrote for each other. Special event, only happened just once before in New York.

Come hear a reading from Anna Joy Springer’s The Vicious Red Relic, Love with live punk soundscape by Rachel Carns and Tara Jane Oneil. CDs will be for sale for the first time at this release party for YOUR METAFOREST GUIDEBOOK. In “Your Metaforest Guidebook”, Tara Jane Oneil is a wild foley artist, manipulating strings and bows, keys, and bells, and the electric tambourine while Rachel Carns calls upon her background in classical piano and jazz, to perform live improvised melodies in eery and delightful counterpoint to Anna Joy Springer’s dramatic readings from The Vicious Red Relic, Love. You can buy the CD for $10 at the shows, and you can get a discounted CD-book package ($25) too! more info here… http://jadedibisproductions.com/VICIOUS_TOUR.html

LESBIANS is playing LA and SF shows of CD-release readings!!! LESBIANS is Jenny Hoyston (guitar/vocals), Tara Jepsen (vocals), and Michelle Lawler (drums). Jenny is known for her brilliant band Erase Errata. Tara Jepsen is a writer and performance artist who frequently collaborates with Beth Lisick. Michelle Lawler is a filmmaker currently in school at AFI in Los Angeles.

Anna Joy Springer is the author and illustrator of The Vicious Red Relic, Love (Jaded Ibis, 2011). She was a singer and songwriter for Blatz, The Gr’ups, and Cypher in the Snow. She is now at work on a book-length rebus bestiary about punk girls, birds, and the turn of the century. Springer teaches fiction, graphic texts, and experimental writing as an Assistant Professor of Literature at UC San Diego.

Tara Jane Oneil is a multi-istrumentalist, poet, composer, producer and visual artist. She creates melodic and experimental music under her own name and in collaboration. Her recordings and live performances range from solo songing to noise improvisations. TJO has composed and performed music and sound for films, theater and dance performances, and written large and small ensemble experimental architectures. She founded the Ecstatic Tambourine Orchestra and has played with the likes of Papa M, Mount Eerie, Ida, Mirah, Michael Hurley, Lori Goldston, and the King Cobra.

Rachel Carns is a musician, poet, composer, artist and performer, known for her operatic punk vocals, baroque art-circus organ chops, and distinctive stand-up drumming style. She is a founding member of artpunk metal outfit The Need, sugar pop darlings, Kicking Giant, and stoner sludge duo TWIN (nee The King Cobra). She has collaborated with a grand list of luminaries including Mocket, Two Ton Boa, Miranda July, Wynne Greenwood, Carrie Brownstein, Kathleen Hanna, and the experimental performance art group Cloud Eye Control, and has composed and performed a wide range of original works, including The Transfused, a full-length rock opera.

Eileen Myles was born in Boston in 1949 and came to New York in 1974 to be a poet. Inferno (a poet’s novel) which came out in fall of 2010 from OR books chronicles the adventures of a female writer in hell very much like Eileen Myles. Inferno is actually a kunstlerroman. Myles first became known to many people for her openly female write-in campaign for President of the United States in 1991-92. She received her poetic education at The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church in 1975-77 where she participated in workshops lead by Alice Notley, Ted Berrigan and others. Her books include The Importance of Being Iceland/travel essays in art (2009) for which she received a Warhol/Creative Capital art writing grant, Sorry, Tree (poetry) 2007, Tow w/ artist Larry C. Collins (2005), Skies (2001), on my way (2001), Cool for You (novel, 2000), School of Fish (1997), Maxfield Parrish (1995), Not Me (1991), and Chelsea Girls (stories, 1994). In 1995, with Liz Kotz, she edited The New Fuck You/adventures in lesbian reading. She contributes to a wide number of publications including Art Forum, Parkett, The Believer, Vice, Cabinet, The Nation, TimeOut, Book Forum and AnOther Magazine. She lives in New York and is Professor Emeritus at UC San Diego.

Mark So grew up in Syracuse and has lived in Los Angeles for the past ten years. He has written hundreds of pieces exploring the nuances of ordinary situations, including a vast cycle of work around the poetry of John Ashbery, and performs frequently in works from the experimental tradition. He has published a book, BANGS, chronicling Manfred Werder’s ongoing performance of So’s piece BANGS [to Manfred Werder].