Embodiment – A Vessel For Consent
Tyby Reddy
Saturday, Jan 22 2022
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
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This is a series of online workshops where we will explore bodily presence and its connection to consent. Together, we’ll walk through a few different embodiment exercises, including guided meditations, chakra-tuning exercises, and aura-manipulation exercises to help us get in tune with and notice the energy we’re holding within the body, where we’re carrying it, and how to begin moving it around. There will be moments of guided reflection between each exercise to provide space to quietly reflect on and process anything that’s been brought to the surface.


Learning to notice if, when, and where we’re feeling activated, I believe, is the access point to understanding our own boundaries. When we’re able to notice how our body feels at any given moment, when we’re able to notice the signs that we’re becoming activated or leaving our body, we can begin to trust ourselves and use our bodily feedback as the compass to understand, communicate, and fulfill our needs. This is embodied consent. 



What Participants Can Expect: This workshop will be held on zoom, so access to a computer or smartphone will be necessary. For each exercise, participants are asked to find a quiet, comfortable space where they can lay down, relax, and listen. If laying down is not accessible, participants are asked to find the most relaxing and comfortable position they’re able to get into.During moments of reflection, participants will be asked to journal their answers – having a pen and paper ready is recommended.


Covid Guidelines: Due to the recent surge in Covid19 cases, this workshop will now be held on Zoom.



Tyby Reddy is a certified trauma-informed embodied consent and boundary educator, play tutor, gender consultant, and desire facilitator living on unceded Tongva Land. His focus is on building both an internal and external praxis of consent and bodily presence to help connect individuals to their inner child, sense of play and desire, and come home to themselves. He utilizes a full tool kit of embodiment and emotional attunement exercises, nonverbal listening practices, and consent and boundary frameworks and practices to help connect individuals to their innermost self and find a space of joy, authenticity, and presence within. 


He is a neurodivergent, chronically-ill, trans-masculine person of color primarily interested in working with other queer and transgender individuals interested in strengthening their connection to their own magic and sense of romance. He has a background in clinical psychology, ecology, and gender studies from a decolonized, trauma-informed, anti-ableist perspective. He is an herbalist, native plant nerd, autist, synesthete, hedonist, goofball, and generally hyper-empathetic weirdo. Ty provides workshops and private sessions. You can contact Ty at tyisreddy@gmail.com

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