Embodying Boundaries
Fierce Embodiment, Marcela Widrig
Sunday, Aug 27 2017
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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As women we’re often told to be nice, to be polite, to say yes, to keep our voices down, to keep the peace, to manage the conflict, to be generous, to be helpful, to just get the job done!


And even though things are different now … most of us still don’t know how to say NO. We don’t know how to set boundaries.


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Saying no can sometimes feel like life or death in our bodies. We feel the


• Fear of hurting someone we love
• Fear of being rejected
• Fear of being misunderstood
• Fear of being abandoned
• Fear of losing a promotion or business we’ve worked so hard for
• Fear of being hated and humiliated
• Fear of being cut off or ostracized


And yet, do not do so can lead us to create conflict with those we love, end relationships prematurely or unnecessarily and leave us distant from what we truly want in life.


Boundaries can be physically embodied and strengthened. In this workshop, we do this through movement and discussion. We will explore:


– Feeling the no in your body and expressing it, even in simple situations
– Setting boundaries with those you love
– Transforming anger into a clear and powerful no
– Using your past to discover your boundaries and wishes
– Embodying self-respect and standing your ground
– Feeling the freedom to say yes, after you’ve clearly set boundaries


My wish is that you leave this workshop feeling empowered and free to set your boundaries with clarity, strength, grace and ease.

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Photo Credit: David Lau