EnQueering movement potential – Workshop of the Axis Syllabus
Diana Thielen
Saturday, Apr 13 2019
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
$25-40 sliding scale Register

The approach of this short and punchy workshop is the exploration and contextualization of the body’s multidimensional existence. Let’s roll, crawl, run and jump – preparing the body for more diverse and sweeping choreographies.





The Axis Syllabus (AS) could be described as a trans-disciplinary Toolbox which provides discoveries and tactics for improving movement education and practices. As a tool for teaching, the AS requires the commitment to research, to question and to reflect movement disciplines and creates various ways to experience and practice it.





Contact: info@dianathielen.com





I am a dance artist / performer / blogger (movementactivism.com) and teacher. I teach Axis Syllabus, as well as practices in dance, performance, body politics and yoga. I graduated at SEAD / Salzburg/ Austria (2004-2008) and am currently a student of Gender Studies / Educational Studies (BA) in Berlin/ Germany. My work includes interdisciplinary perspectives that relate to my interest in queer theory, intersectional feminism, and postcolonial studies, as well as pondering and exploring private realities as a queer woman.


I am fascinated by the human body in all its expressions: how we move, how we present ourselves, how we position ourselves socially, how we change and adapt over our lifetimes in response to various challenges.


As a teacher, I see my strength in my genuine wish to support each individual’s journey. Their experiences, as well as, their curiosities, doubts, vulnerabilities and lust to move and study are invited, to create a safe learning atmosphere. Sharing the time and space, rolling, crawling, turning, running and jumping, sweating together is one of my biggest passions, especially when it includes reflection upon social norms and embodied societal behaviors.

Photo Credit: Kaisa Kukkonen