Erotic Embodiment Practice (OYoga)
Dr. Victoria Reuveni
Sunday, May 12 2019
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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In this fast-paced world it is rare that we prioritize our self-care. We hardly take time to pause and breathe deeply and consciously. We exist in our minds way more than in our bodies. For some, this disconnect might impact the way they relate to their own pleasure practice whether solo or with partners.




What if you could start a practice that incorporates mindful breath, movement, sound, and intentional erotic exploration? Even if committing to a daily practice sounds daunting could you invest time in your self-pleasure, in adding to your erotic menu for about one hour a month?




Join us as we take time for this Erotic Embodiment Practice (also known as Orgasmic Yoga or OYoga). In this gently and loosely guided practice we will explore breath, presence, noticing, and in-the-moment desires. There is no agenda, no rush, and no judgement in this sex positive and body positive space.


ALL bodies, genders, and presentations are welcome.

There will be no eye-gazing and no touch (even if attending with a partner(s)).

Nudity is welcome but not required.

There is a range of ways to participate; folks can be fully clothed, simply breathing and doing kegels, or fully nude for the practice (or anywhere in between).


You must fill out an application and be accepted to attend. No drop ins:

Doors will lock promptly at 7:30pm to prevent disruption.

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Curious about OYoga? Check out Victoria’s Vimeo Series.





Dr. Victoria Reuveni, DHS, CSB, ACSI, is a Los Angeles-based sexological bodyworker, sex educator, and coach working with individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate erotic embodiment and self-acceptance through mindfulness, breath work, and touch. She blogs about sex, kink, gender, and body image and reviews sex toys.

Victoria is a board member and educator with the Center for Positive Sexuality, speaking on panels to university students and professionals about kink/BDSM, nonmonogamy, and sex work.

She has facilitated over fifty Orgasmic Yoga circles, including several multi-day series since 2013.
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