Experimental Futures
Alex Wand, Cari Stevens, Molly Allis, Justin Asher, Human Hemingway, OOLA
Saturday, Dec 9 2017
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Non-monetary gift of any kind (i.e. clothing, chocolate, voucher for a massage, a small basket of vegetables). All gifts will go to the performers and the Pieter community Register
Experimental Futures is a concert that is inspired by the book Staying with the Trouble; Making Kin in the Chthulucene where art scientist/feminist theorist Donna Haraway imagines interspecies collaboration in the future geological era of the earth.
The idea for all the performers is to engage with some imagined future (individual or societal) and express it via dance, music, visual art, spoken word. These futures entangle with the goal of forming a speculatively fabulous web for a newly habitable world.
Molly Allis – http://mollyallis.com/
Human Hemingway – https://youtu.be/UJoR4-rgp1k


Please park on the street.
Poster Art: Pablo Murasaki, Poster Design: Stephanie Layton